Главный офис :
Main Office :
Главный офис :
Main office:
197022, Санкт-Петербург, Аптекарская набережная, дом 20, литера А, офис 801
197022, St. Petersburg, Aptekarskaya embankment, building 20, letter A, office 801
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Map of the St. Petersburg legal market in 2017
As a result of a survey conducted by the Delovoy Peterburg publication.
LexCledere Consulting was among the top five largest companies in St. Petersburg in 2017. The following LexCledere practices were recognized as the largest in the city: "Tax", "Dispute Resolution" and "Bankruptcy".
The company took the leading positions in servicing enterprises of timber and wood processing industry, energy, oil and gas and fuel industries, heavy industry and machine building.
LexCledere Consulting was among the top three leaders in the North-West in terms of the number of hours spent on client assignments in 2017.