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Главный офис :
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197022, Санкт-Петербург, Аптекарская набережная, дом 20, литера А, офис 801
197022, St. Petersburg, Aptekarskaya embankment, building 20, letter A, office 801
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Lawyer of the season. Summer 2014
According to the Delovoy Peterburg newspaper, Konstantin Galkin, senior lawyer at LexCledere Consulting, took the third place in the rating of lawyers "Lawyer of the Season - Summer 2014".

Konstantin was commissioned by Phosagro and Ultramar to develop a scheme that saved €1.5 million when purchasing 2,500 shipping containers in Europe for a new logistics company. The investor granted a loan to a related firm in Latvia, which bought the containers and leased them to the Russian company (this allowed it to reduce import duties). At the same time, the containers were delivered as containers, which practically zeroed out transportation costs.