All actions of specialists of JSC «Lex Kledere Consulting» are aimed towards a specific purpose - preservation (receipt) of property in favour of our Customers. Bankruptcy cases, like all enforcement proceedings, are treated as a separate complex project with its own strategy and considered not only from the legal, but also from organisational and financial point of view.

Major services provided in the framework of this practice:


Our specialists have a unique experience not only in representing the interests of our Customers in bankruptcy proceedings, but also in comprehensive support of bankruptcy procedures in the interests of both creditors and debtors.

For each case of bankruptcy, unparalleled strategy is developed, including financial, tax, criminal and civil aspects, which allows to anticipate the course of events, making the procedure predictable and the process - efficient. 

Our company is accredited by the leading self-regulating organisations of arbitration managers of Russia, which enables us to advocate the procedures of any complexity and scale; and our sustainable partnership with highly professional arbitration managers ensures the efficiency of external control.

Enforcement proceedings

The successful litigation is only the first stage of a complex scenario aimed at achieving the true purpose - actual receipt of property due under the law. Therefore the work of our specialists does not end in the courtroom, but shifts to the plane of enforcement proceedings. 

The thorough knowledge of the whole system of enforcement of court judgments, along with the accumulated experience, allow us to interact effectively with the bailiffs service, thus ensuring realisation of all necessary procedures needed to trace the debtor's assets and their recovery.